Three things Twitter is teaching us about the GOP candidates



It’s probably no surprise that lots of people are talking about U.S. politics and the 2016 election online. What might surprise you though is which political topics people associate with each of the Republican presidential candidates

Luminoso, a text analysis and artificial intelligence startup that grew out of MIT’s Media Lab, gave us a sneak peek at what they found in an analysis of more than 2.2 million election-related tweets sent in July

“We’re looking at this as unsolicited polling, getting a pulse on what people believe are the top issues, who people believe are the viable candidates,” Ian Cain, Luminoso’s manager of public relations, said in an interview. “While we can’t necessarily tell if these people are voters or if they’re going to vote for a particular candidate, we can see that people are waking up to the kind of display that’s taking place.” Read more…

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