This app tries to stop you from staring at your phone and missing out on life



“Instead of seeing the world with your eyes, you’re seeing it through your phone.”

The premise of YouTuber Casey Neistat’s new social sharing app, Beme, is a familiar one: You’re at a concert, focused on trying to capture the moment so you can post it on Facebook and Instagram. But in doing so, you’re completely taken out of the moment.

Neistat is known for his fearlessness in DIY-style videos. After all, this is the guy who spray-painted an Apple Watch

Now, he can add “budding app developer” to his resumé.

“Social media is supposed to be a digital or virtual version of who we are as people,” Neistat says in an announcement video for the app. “Instead it’s this highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of who we are, told through filters that make our eyes bluer and carefully selected images to portray a version of who we are that doesn’t really resemble the reality of things.” Read more…

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Source: Mashable Social Media

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