Snapchat shows life in the West Bank 2 days after its live story from Tel Aviv



Two days after spotlighting the Israeli city of Tel Aviv in a live story, and unleashing a wave of criticism from Palestinians for not showing the other side of the conflict, Snapchat did just that when it published a story called “West Bank Live.”

Users who opened the app on Thursday could view the story, which was made up of curated snaps from users showing everyday life in the Palestinian territory.

Snapchat West Bank

Image: Snapchat

The snaps that Snapchat chose to spotlight range from cute (e.g. a kitten, a puppy giving high fives) to not-so-cute (e.g. the Israel-built West Bank barrier, a checkpoint to get into Bethlehem), so it didn’t shy from controversy. Read more…

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Source: Mashable Social Media

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