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Choosing the right company to help you with your business needs is always a tough decision.

Making sure that you have a professional team that not only can do the work, but understand that you want a professional service, delivered on time and right the first time for a sensible price can be hard to find.

That is what we pride ourselves on – getting to know our customers and their needs and delivering the best service available.

With our vast and international experience we can help and provide extra service and professionalism that makes your life easier and your business more strategic and successful.



Company Set Up & Structuring,

Our professional team can advise you on the best way to structure and set up your company, whether it be based in Thailand, or whether there may be more tax advantageous and strategic options.

We can provide seamless service from initial advice and structuring, through to company incorporation, work permits and then ongoing support with accounting, looking after all social security and tax payments and annual filings.Accounting & Bookkeeping


Accounting & Bookkeeping and Social Security & Tax Filings


Our well trained and efficient team can help you with all of the necessary steps that are required by law and to stay on top of your business.

All accounting requirements, bookkeeping, semi-annual and annual filings, organise audits etc in an efficient and unobtrusive manner, as well as monthly payments and filings.


Migration Services

Migration Services

Our Migration service can provide you with all of the information and assistance you need to make an informed decision on applying for visa’s for Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Getting the right information, filling out the forms correctly and applying for the right visa can be the difference between getting a visa quickly and simply or being denied and losing money, time and creating heartache and pain.

Whether it is a simple tourist visa for your girlfriend, a Prospective Marriage Visa, Education Visa, Skilled Migrant or Investor Visa, we can help you.

Simon is a qualified practicing Australian Lawyer and a Registered Migration Agent (MRN # 1464995) with all of the necessary skills, qualifications and has also personally been through the migration experience for a number of countries so understands your concerns and worries about the process.

Simon is dedicated to make the process and simple and successful as possible.


Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Online Reputation Management

Swconsulting_Slider Social Media

In this economic environment every competitive advantage you can get over your competitor’s can be crucial.

Having a Social Media presence is no longer an optional thought but a necessity. By having a strong strategic online presence you can literally dominate your competition and make your business the stand out in the crowd.

Our team of professional and experienced marketers can provide you with the edge to be Number 1 in your chosen niche, at a cost that makes it affordable and necessary!