Mashable snaps away at MasterCard's Masters of Code hackathon

A snap stays up on Snapchat for 24 hours and so did the hackers at the MasterCard Masters of Code™ hackathon grand finale in San Francisco. Mashable was invited to the event, which was a year in the making. MasterCard hosted hackathons throughout 12 regions to find the world’s best developers and each winner of those regions earned a spot in […]

10 images that break the rules of photography

We asked our talented community to forget all known guidelines in traditional photography and let artistic instinct guide their work Ditching the rule of thirds, shooting directly into the light, tilting horizon lines, flipping photos upside down — these are some of the styles we saw in your #MashPics_MoreCreativity submissions The theme is in line […]

U.S. could start checking social media when vetting visas

U.S. officials could soon start checking social media posts while processing visa applications, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security later confirmed that it is specifically reviewing policies on when authorities at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services can look at social media posts as part of the vetting process for […]

What Australians talked about most on Facebook in 2015

Beneath the cute animal pictures and occasional Russian dash cam videos that pop up on news feeds, Facebook users in Australia are also interested in onion eating prime ministers, same-sex marriage and Mars See also: Wallaby goes for a swim in the ocean, can’t find its way home To explore your Australian curiosity a little […]