Malibu's round-up of the best hashtags ever



You’ve got to love the mighty hashtag. Now a staple of our everyday social media diet, this little symbol is key to staying in conversation with the world

It’s not just limited to public posts, though. Many of us hashtag words –- sometimes even whole sentences –- on private platforms including emails, instant messages and even real-life conversations (ironically though, of course). #WeveAllDoneIt #DontPretendLikeYouHavent

So it’s official: We’re obsessed with hashtagging, and we’re really #SorryNotSorry about it. From the ones we use all the time to trending terms that have been at the heart of some of the most exciting global conversations happening via social media (to be honest, we’re amazed they didn’t #BreakTheInternet), here are our top hashtags of all time … Read more…

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