Internet stars gathered to 'do it for the Vine' at our latest #MashMeet



“Do it for the Vine” isn’t just a popular phrase — in 2015, it’s pretty much a culture. And Mashable, for one, is all about it

We hosted our first-ever Vine #MashMeet this past weekend, together with creative agency Unpopular Now.

It was an effort to foster a strong offline community for Vine influencers and people in the short-form video industry. And we’d say it went pretty well

“The #MashMeet was a party with the most creative people on the Internet. I know these people — their families, their art, their ridiculous antics,” Unpopular Now’s creative director Pete Heacock said. “This was a wonderful opportunity to reach into my phone, pull these people out, shake their hands and let them know how much I dig their work.” Read more…

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