'I F*cking Love Science' creator explains why she refused $30 million



You like it, your friends like it, scientists hate it, and everyone seems to be talking about it all the time. Popular Facebook page “I F*cking Love Science” is no less than a social media phenomenon with 22 million likes on its page

In 2012, Elise Andrew began posting a variety of weird science facts, factoids, memes, and a variety of immensely shareable content to a Facebook page to share with friends. It took off within weeks, and it hasn’t really stopped since. Since then, “IFL Science” has been celebrated and decried on a tremendous scale.

There has been talk of a TV show, while Andrew has collaborated with the company responsible for the Discovery Channel and has been celebrated as a STEM “outreach hero.” In contrast, Andrew has also been widely criticized by the science community for posting unverifiable claims, inaccurate articles and not attributing credit where it’s due Read more…

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Source: Mashable Social Media

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