Embrace negative space in your compositions for our photo challenge



Negative space is a familiar concept in the art world. Whether you’re talking design, architecture, sculpture or photography, it’s a useful technique to master.

For this week’s photo challenge, embrace negative space in your compositionsChris Phillips, Mashable‘s vice-president of design, will be our guest host.

Phillips, a native New Yorker, is a relatively new Instagrammer; he said he shared his first photo two years ago, but only recently started posting regularly and “feeling more of a niche.”

As head of design at Mashable, Phillips has a strong sense of eye-pleasing color schemes and a good grasp of the concept of “less is more.” His feed is an array of soft pastels and bright solids. Recently, he’s been capturing New York City’s finest architecture in a series titled #TinyBuildingsNYC. Read more…

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