Don't get fired: This app will delete your embarrassing posts on social media



If you’ve ever worried about old tweets or Facebook posts coming back to haunt you — but don’t have time to sift through years of posts to manually delete them — a new app may be able to help.

Clear connects with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and analyzes your history, flagging posts with potentially inappropriate content. To guess what that is, Clear uses a combination of algorithms and IBM’s supercomputer Watson to filter material

The app was created by Ethan Czahor, who made headlines earlier this year when he abruptly resigned — less than 48 hours after landing the job — from Jeb Bush’s campaign after a series of years-old offensive tweets surfaced — some of which included descriptions of women as “sluts” and complaints about being eyed up by gay men at a San Francisco gym Read more…

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Source: Mashable Social Media

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