Snarky #MuslimApartments tweets mock media frenzy in San Bernardino

Cats, Christmas trees, Chicago Bears jerseys: just a few of the items in Muslims Americans’ apartments Within hours of the live broadcast that showed dozens of reporters from MSNBC, CNN and other outlets rifling through belongings in the apartment where San Bernardino shooting suspects Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik lived, zeroing in on so-called Muslim […]

Facebook's live-streaming feature isn't just for famous people anymore

Live streaming on Facebook is no longer just for famous people. The social network is beginning to expand live streaming to more people, the company announced Thursday. Facebook previously added live streaming to its Mentions app, which is limited to people with verified accounts. See also: Facebook is bringing profile photos to life with 7-second […]

Twitter, Facebook and Google activate features to help people affected by Chennai floods

In the wake of the devastating floods in Chennai, Facebook has activated its Security Check feature for the city, which lets people in the affected areas mark themselves as safe. Most parts of the city have been submerged, leaving thousands of people stranded in their homes. With daily life coming to a standstill, more torrential […]

How Redditors track mass shootings

Another day, another mass shooting spree. According to Mass Shooting Tracker, a repository for mass gun violence data gathered by redditors, that’s not an exaggeration. See also: San Bernardino shooting: 1 suspect identified, 2 dead So far this year, there have been 351 mass shootings in the United States — an average of more than […]