6 inspiring 'Humans of New York' spinoffs from India



Chances are that you already follow the immensely popular photoblog Humans of New York. Started by Brandon Stanton to take candid portraits of the people of New York City, HONY has travelled to countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, and even India. Inspired by HONY’s intimate snapshots, these street photography projects document cities across India. Like the original, they form a moving catalogue of personal yet diverse visual stories.

Humans of Bombay
Started by Karishma Mehta in 2014, Humans of Bombay brings out Mumbai’s diversity through its portraits and conversations. It highlights different sides of the city of dreams through its stories of the everyday life and struggle of its residents. Among its most shared posts are celebrity hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani’s account of being gang raped two decades ago, and sex educator Shweta Katti’s story of growing up in Mumbai’s red light area Kamathipura and attending college in the United States. Read more…

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